Wednesday, 9 January 2013

A Week On...

Hi All!

It's been just over a week since I bit the bullet and pushed the Publish Now button and all I can say is,
I've had so many awesome messages about Rocked Under and I love hearing that a lot of you enjoyed reading Emma & Scott's story. It's just mind-blowing!
To those of you who have left good reviews and ratings on Goodreads and Amazon -- I love you guys, and thank you for supporting the book! I read every single one!

Rocked Under is currently undergoing more edits and a clean, updated copy will be available soon, for FREE on Amazon around the end of this month. If you subscribe here by submitting your email below (I will not be able to see your email address) or on Facebook, I'll give you a heads-up the day before and again when it is available to download.

I'm working on Rocked #2 at the moment (which I'm very excited about!) and I'm aiming for an August release but I'll keep you updated as I go.

Thanks again!
Cora x

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